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You can trust the law office of Attorney Charles D. Hines when you need Criminal Defense Lawyers in Enfield Connecticut. Attorney Charles D. Hines defends the rights and freedom of people who have been accused of crimes. If you or a loved one is faced with a criminal charge, always seek legal advice before speaking to the police. Contact the Law Office of Attorney Charles D. Hines to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can advise you of your options and help you avoid self-incrimination. A criminal arrest can upend your life in many ways, beginning with a loss or suspension of employment. Posting bail, spending time in custody, having your name in the newspaper, being expelled from college, and being electronically monitored while your case is being prosecuted are all huge disruptions in your life.

After gathering and reviewing the case information, Attorney Hines will provide an assessment of your case. Attorney Hines will defend individuals who have been accused of the following crimes:

  • DUI
  • Drug charges
  • Providing alcohol to a minor
  • Theft, burglary and shoplifting
  • Assault and violent crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Criminal trespass
  • Traffic violations
  • Other alleged crimes

If you have been arrested, you need legal representation you can trust. Once hired we will closely examine the circumstances of your arrest and the evidence against you. Our firm will act immediately to begin defending you and your rights. Attorney Hines understands the law and the rules of evidence. If you are going to contest the charges against you, we will force the state to prove its case – which could result in a dismissal of the charge, a not guilty verdict, or an acceptable plea arrangement.

Avoid a Conviction

For individuals facing criminal charges, there are different programs available in Connecticut that can help you avoid a conviction and permanent criminal record. Some of these programs available in Connecticut include:

  • Alcohol Education Program — can enable you to avoid conviction on a DUI charge.
  • Accelerated Pretrial Rehabilitation — postpones a final judgment for a period of six months to two years, after which the charge is dismissed. Often used in cases involving first-time shoplifting and theft offenses.
  • Drug Education Program – First and Second-time drug cases – you can avoid a conviction provided that you complete a drug education course and community service.
  • Other programs — include the Family Violence Education Program and Violence Education Program.

Eligibility for these programs vary and your participation is determined by the cooperation of the prosecutor and approval of the court. Our law firm has many good working relationships with prosecutors and has helped many people use these programs to avoid conviction.


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