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Operating Under the Influence

Attorney Charles D. Hines Provides Legal Representation for Operating Under the Influence

The Law Office of Attorney Charles D. Hines provides legal representation for people charged with OUI in Connecticut. Being arrested for OUI is very serious. If you are convicted of operating under the influence, you will receive a suspended sentence, be put on probation, have to pay a large fine, your driver’s license will be suspended and there is a possibility you could go to jail. Attorney Charles D. Hines is experienced in handling these criminal cases and has defended people in all different types of OUI cases, ranging from first-time offenders to people with multiple prior convictions. He has a full understanding of the legal, factual and technical issues these cases present, and he works hard for his clients.

You only have a limited number of days from the date of the mailing of notice of your license suspension to request an administrative per se hearing. Attorney Hines can represent you at this hearing in an attempt to restore your driver’s license.

A charge of Operating Under the Influence can lead to a permanent criminal record. Attorney Hines can give you the right advice from the very beginning of your case. If a police officer pulls you over and you refuse to take a breath alcohol test, how would that affect the course of your case? Call Attorney Charles D. Hines and speak to a knowledgeable OUI lawyer today.

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Successful DUI Defense Strategies

It is possible to successfully defend DUI charges. Attorney Charles D. Hines will closely examine the facts of your case and determine how to proceed. Possible defense strategies include:

  • Lack of probable cause for the police to stop you
  • Improperly conducted field sobriety tests
  • Inadmissible blood alcohol tests
  • And many others

Once we have reviewed your case, we will explain your legal options to you. If you decide you want to fight the charge, we will work hard to obtain a dismissal of the charge and a not guilty verdict. If the state’s case has any issues, we may be able to obtain a reduction to a non-alcohol related driving charge.

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Connecticut has a specific court program for persons facing a first OUI arrest called the Pre-trial Alcohol Education Program. In the right circumstances, this can be a useful way for a person to resolve their OUI case. The “program” essentially calls for the person to go to alcohol counseling and stay out of trouble for one year. If that is accomplished, then, one the one year anniversary date, the persons case is dismissed and they have a clean record as to that arrest.

Avoid a Conviction

For individuals facing criminal charges, there are different programs available in Connecticut that can help you avoid a conviction and permanent criminal record. Some of these programs available in Connecticut include:

  • Alcohol Education Program — can enable you to avoid conviction on a DUI charge.
  • Accelerated Pretrial Rehabilitation — postpones a final judgment for a period of six months to two years, after which the charge is dismissed. Often used in cases involving first-time shoplifting and theft offenses.
  • Drug Education Program – First and Second-time drug cases – you can avoid a conviction provided that you complete a drug education course and community service.
  • Other programs — include the Family Violence Education Program and Violence Education Program.

Eligibility for these programs vary and your participation is determined by the cooperation of the prosecutor and approval of the court. Our law firm has many good working relationships with prosecutors and has helped many people use these programs to avoid conviction.